February 5, 2013

Roland TD-4KP Portable kit

Drummers are very weary of the amount of gear that needs to be hauled around, in order to setup their drum set.  There isn’t one typical formula for setting up your hardware; which can include anything from boom stands to floor mounted racks –there are, however, ways to lessen the amount of gear that needs to be use, thus shortening your setup time.  A traditional drum set with only 3 toms, a crash cymbal, and a ride cymbal, can get away with the minimum amount of hardware required.  This assumes that your drums are mounted to your bass drum, which isn’t idea – but it works.

A better solution would be to have isolated stands for each drum that frees the bass drum from touching any other part of the set.  This, naturally, requires more hardware and a bit more ingenuity to figure out how it all comes together.  If …