January 15, 2013

Moog Factory Tour: Testing and Calibration

In this part of our Moog Factory Tour series, Jim Debardi discusses the testing and calibration process involved after the manufacturing of the Minimoog synthesizer. The testing and calibration process described here is not just for Minimoogs, but it’s a careful and precise process that is done to every instrument before it leaves the factory. Having every instrument go through a rigorous quality control process is something Moog prides itself on and is a great peace of mind for Moog instrument users. This process is often times very specific to a certain instrument so Moog tapped their engineering department to develop testing devices that exist solely for the purpose of testing Moog instrument functions. Because Moog is dedicated to manufacturing their instruments by hand, they similarly dedicate time and effort into having a human element involved when testing the quality of an instrument’s build. This shouldn’t be a surprise to some when considering …