June 4, 2013

Pioneer has unveiled its latest all-in-one DJ system

Manufacturers have different ideas on what a good sales strategy is, specifically when it comes to designing the instruments.  The simple approach is not as common as we would like, and in terms of simple the most basic instrument you can get these days is a turntable.  But even the turntable has implements for MIDI control as well as all sorts of pitch locking and key locking features.  MIDI controllers are a better example of the different styles and strategies that are built into controllers.  Some, like the Behringer line of modular controllers, take a simple approach to making customized controllers for any setting.  They each come in the same form factor but with a different button layout.

Moving beyond button based controller, MIDI decks are even more sophisticated with capacitive features and easy integration with a tablet.  Newer models also have slots for USB sticks and even the outdated …