June 8, 2013

MixVibes Cross DJ — Soundcloud on the go

Is there such a thing as the perfect environment to build your mixes and songs?  Some would say that the dimly lit studio, padded from any outside distractions is the best place to let the idea from the head.  Others say that escaping the bustles of city live and into the outskirts of the town is a better place to get away from it.  Perhaps being surrounded by nature makes up for the amount of technology that is being shoved in our faces daily.  One thing that is for sure, is that that we don’t need to bring the studio with us.  We only need a small device with a decent internet connection.

Producing or editing on the go might become more popular than producing with our butts in an office chair.  The issue with producing on the go is finding the right sort of interface that will allow us …