December 20, 2012

Getting Kicked Off The Decks + 5 Tips For DJing At Nightclubs

If there is one relationship that needs to be solid before a DJ can successfully gig a packed club, it’s the relationship with the manager.  Owners and DJs can chew the fat all they like, but if there isn’t a clear outline of what’s expected from both of them, then the night can be a bust.  Even a requested DJ who has been flown thousands of miles to play at a Las Vegas Gig can wind up receiving the boot if he or she doesn’t understand what is being asked of them.  Even if you are being paid thousands of dollars to perform, know that you are still at the mercy of the club and its attendees.  It’s the drinks that bring in the money right?

For starters, doing your homework means that there should be no technical difficulties on your side to blame.  A few venues have even gone …