September 19, 2013

Behringer CMD DC-1 Overview with Andrew Luck

We’ve been covering the Behringer CMD line of modular MIDI controllers for some time now. Mostly we have shown how they integrate with the included Deckadance 2 DJ software, but the beauty of these controllers is that they can be mapped to nearly every performance software on the market. One of the more popular performance softwares of the last few years has been Ableton Live. Ableton allows for tight organization and control of clips within it’s session view, which has powerful applications on a stage in a performance capacity. We asked Behringer product specialist Andrew Luck to walk us through how the CMD controllers can work and integrate with Ableton Live.

For this video, Andrew focuses specifically on the Behringer CMD DC-1. The DC-1 has an endless rotary encoder and 8 backlit buttons at the top for navigating your clips in the session view. Below that are 8 endless …


June 27, 2013

Behringer CMD Studio 4A

Everyone’s eyes are peeled on Native Instrument’s next move in the gear industry – but we shouldn’t forget about the other guys who deserve their own come-up.  Any company who is out there trying to create new innovative products really has only two options.  They either take a look what everyone else is doing, and try to make the next logical move, or they take the risk and try something new without following the path of anybody else.  The second path is often the least traveled and many products have been lost in oblivion because of this.  Behringer has a long road ahead of them if they want to gain steam and respect from DJs, but they are on the right track.

They are building things that we need; things that are popular – and their prices are perhaps the most aggressive out of all the controller companies out there.  …