June 18, 2013

Behringer CMD Micro Review

We have all felt the technology catching up to our 21st century demands across multiple platforms and applications. For DJs, they now have the ability to prepare a set, experiment with new mixes, or hone their craft just about anywhere. Everything from tablet technology to smart phone crate organization has been streamlined to give DJs a sense of freedom when getting in the mix on the go. While all these touch screen applications are great, sometimes you want a piece of hardware to grab and mix with, but still keep a low profile when traveling or when kicking back on the couch. Certainly one of the smallest DJ controllers to hit the market was the Numark DJ 2 Go with its 2 deck control and proprietary Virtual DJ LE skin. The DJ 2 Go had all the form for portability but lacked some key features in terms of functionality.

The Behringer CMD Micro picks up where the Numark …