July 9, 2013

Behringer CMD MM-1 and PL-1 Review

We have been covering the Behringer brand of DJ controllers which all fit under the moniker of CMD. The demand from those of you out there to want to know everything about these affordable MIDI controllers has prompted us to give you as much information as possible. We also have all of them in our possession and are surprised each and every time we grab a new controller and start playing with the controls. While our last two reviews were of the all in one controllers, the CMD Studio 4a and the CMD Micro, we decided to dive into the slimmer and more function-specific modular controllers in the CMD line.

Instead of reviewing all of the controllers in the Behringer CMD line individually, we decided to couple the MM-1 and PL-1 because they are a good representation of how these modular controllers can be linked up and it will give