March 3, 2014

Watch A Moving Short Film about Contollerist Moldover

In terms of controllerism, there are plenty of reasons why other DJs and musicians dislike the thought of a guy pressing buttons on stage.  For one, when you assume that every piece and detail is automated – it makes it difficult to distinguish talent from pre-production.  I think part of the appeal of a live show is the fact that an artist can actually make mistakes.  Obviously that isn’t what we wish for, but the thrill of it is pretty exciting.  If a controllerist were to get on stage, would it be entertaining to watch him or her press buttons all night?

Some controllerists make up for the fact that their execution is plain by adding theatrics and flair to their performances.  I believe this to be true, but you cannot say that other artists do not do the same thing.  When they really get into a performance, you …