March 20, 2013

The Creative DJ In 2013 – Is This You?

The DJ, like any other artist, has the task of defining a line between creativity and utility.  The utility part is obvious; a venue needs a DJ to keep the crowd moving, or a DJ is needed at the wedding to play song A at time X.  Regardless of what this business has done to the act of DJing, DJs are still thankful that they are getting paid to play with music.  The other aspect is the creative side – which seems to lend itself to producing rather than mixing premade songs.  The creative side is harder to get paid for, and there has to be a gentle balance between being a mainstream DJ and adding flare into your style.

Creativity is not necessarily a good thing, and some DJs can be completely in their own world behind the decks; the type of creativity you need is the inspired …