November 11, 2013

kubxlab Earshots Portable Speakers

Portable speakers are still a long way from being taken seriously by any professional musician.  What you lack in size, you gain in portability – but you also lose the amount or quality of sound that can be created.  Earbuds tend to work well since they do not need much sound to become focused in one area – but if you were to try to use them as speakers they would fail horribly.  They simply do not have the right dimensions to give off decent sound.  This will not stop people from trying them out though, and some companies have put some creative thought into making them much more appealing.

One such company, Kubxlab, has created the earshots – which takes the idea of an earbud and allows them to be used as portable speakers as well.  These can be inserted into a mini boombox for use as a public …