April 21, 2013

Traktor Deck Headers: Customizing Your Decks’ HUDs

Serato has some pretty good ways of organizing music and recalling the types of songs you want when you need them.  Like any DVS, it allows you to sort through song by track name, artist, genre, bpm, and even key.  There are also smart playlists that can be made using a combination of any of those attributes.  If you use iTunes to organize your music, and many do, then you can even import those lists into Serato to keep things from being redundant when not needed.  This is all nice and great, but it is still slim in comparison to what Traktor can do.

Traktor is much more complex as a whole, so it is natural to see that there are many other ways to organize music.  In fact, you can even create your own attributes to which you can organize your music.  Creating playlists is one of the key …