August 24, 2012

Superstar DJs: We Know You Sometimes Mime. So Why Hide It?


There’s an old saying that DJ’s want to be producers, and producers want to be DJ’s – well, nowadays the rift between live DJing and edited production is at its highest. Almost a decade ago, digital vinyl systems become widely available and expectedly caused a stir in the DJ world. This allowed newer, less experienced DJ’s to hop onto the scene and perform without having to dig for records or spend countless hours perfecting their technique. When pure vinyl DJ’s played their set on stage they had no problem taking risks because they had already spent time “paying their dues”. The recent news of popular producers such as Steve Angello and David Guetta “miming” their supposedly live sets on stage has brought us back to that original double-edged sword. Train-spotting fans have become infuriated by their attempts to deceive the crowd with pointless button mashing and faked faders. The …


August 8, 2012

Las Vegas Flashbacks from a Superstar DJ Dream

As you may have seen in some of the videos posted, we went out to Las Vegas a few months ago. While we were there, we were guests of Shecky Green (Jonathan Shecter) and the EDM empire he presides over at the Wynn/Encore. It’s been hard to really give people a picture of what exactly we were a part of as far as the events out there went… That is, until now. This highlight video, released by Shecky’s media team, shows some of the best moments from an eventful few days at Surrender, Tryst, Encore Beach Club and XS. Give it a watch and envy the luxury and lifestyle of a Superstar DJ in the Las Vegas scene.

It also has an appearance or three by the UniqueSquared Mobile Studio. Who knew that we’d see our favorite wheeled lounge/studio rubbing elbows with the likes of Steve Aoki, Lil Jon, Calvin …


April 4, 2012

Ultra Music Festival – An Outsider’s Perspective

Music festivals are one of the few concert events that have just about everything for everyone. You can go to the Vans Warped Tour and see your favorite punk bands of yesteryear, or a young band who finally made it to one of the smaller stages and everything in between. Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Bonnaroo have varying acts with different styles even if they are generally in the same genre of music. These are just a few of the biggest music festivals of the year and annually they accommodate tens of thousands of people.

One music festival that was completely off my radar was the three day electronic music festival Ultra. I first heard about Ultra when the UniqueSquared Mobile Studio visited Miami last year for the Winter Music Conference 2011. We were able to score some passes for the 2012 show and the team was tasked with going so we could report on Ultra. I am …