January 27, 2013

NAMM 2013: Numark Mixtrack Pro II Video Talkthrough

From DVS programs with turntables, to controllers with spinning jog wheels, manufactures have been trying to find the sweet spot for controller design.  It’s hard to please DJs, as we like to have our own gear setup the way we like it, so it takes trial and error to find out what doesn’t work.  What they have learned is that there needs to be a blend of each element to satisfy the crowd as a whole.  A controller like the Novation Launchpad has enough buttons to simulate the session view inside of Ableton, but they are spaced too close together and not rugged enough for those who like to drum on them.

Having spinning jog wheels is nice, but it lacks the ability to jump from cue to cue – which is inherently hard on any type of controller without solid buttons.  Combing the two is the logical choice, and …