January 24, 2013

NAMM 2013: Deckadance 2 Software Video Talkthrough

Hardware controller companies and DVS companies could do well by working together, and they have.  Whenever a new controller is released to the public, it is usually released with an intro version of a DVS program – might like the batteries that come with a new electronic device.  Simply put, you cannot have one without the other.  It makes sense that Pioneer controllers come with a light version of Serato DJ, while Native Instruments offerings also come with a light version of Traktor.  The market for both controllers and software will not be shrinking any time soon, and you can expect even more competition down the road.

Deckadance is a DVS program that you might not have heard of.  Like many DVS programs, it is hard to differentiate yourself from the crowd once the basic feature that are needed, are provided.  Its layout looks similar to Traktor’s (which also looks …