March 3, 2014

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Use Home Speakers At Parties

Anyone who has ever thrown a good house party knows that there are elements to the party that make it happen.  There are also elements that will make a party much harder to throw.  Sound is often the most crucial part of the party, yet the right set of speakers is often also the last thing that the thrower really considers.  They think that if their home theater system can handle a loud Star Wars movie, than it can handle a room full of people just fine – but this is not always true.  Having many people in such a small space does wondrous things to sounds.

Bodies in a room will inevitably absorb a lot of the sound that is being transmitted.  This is especially true for bass.  Without a subwoofer that can deliver a lot of bass, your regular hi-fi speakers will basically cause your sound to be …