November 13, 2012

Zoom Q2HD Review

Coming off its predecessor the Zoom Q3HD, Samson Technologies (the company that owns Zoom) has released another portable audio/video recorder with the Zoom Q2HD. Zoom has kept much of the same functionality from the Q3HD intact but has also added some new and useful features that a lot of Q3HD users felt were missing. For an overview of the features on the Q3HD that are also available on the Q2HD, check our our review of the Zoom Q3HD. So what’s new on the Q3HD?

Mid-Side Recording

Zoom introduced the mid side recording feature on their portable digital audio recorder the Zoom H2n. Be sure to check out our review of the Zoom H2n if you want to know more. For those of you not familiar with mid side recording this is a recording technique that is especially useful for film and broadcast media where recording ambient noise …


September 6, 2012

Recording DJ Mixes: How To Do It Right and Why It Matters

Recording “live” is an overlooked procedure than certain DJs fail to see as important.  However, experienced DJs understand the need to record and critique themselves constantly – it’s difficult to absorb your final result when you’re only listening to the cued deck of the next song.  More importantly, recording live mixes are an essential part of creating a mixtape which can be used to share with others and to help promote yourself as a working DJ.

Djtechtools lays down the basics when it comes to recording live audio.  Recording can be done with little more than your computer or DVS, but can also be achieved with great results using a high-end digital audio recorder if need be.  They also discuss the basics of digital audio recording and how to avoid fatal errors such as audio clipping.…