December 13, 2012

iPad Controlled Digital Mixing Console Comparison

The Apple iPad has quickly become more than just a tablet for reading books and watching video. It is now a fully functional tool for doing all sorts of things including controlling your home security system, creating music, or having control of your home entertainment system. The pro audio world has found new and interesting ways of incorporating the iPad as well. Keyboard controllers, audio interfaces, DJ controllers, and live sound mixers are all getting a tech facelift with the application of the iPad. One of the more practical and prominent uses has been the iPad’s ability to sync with digital mixing consoles to control everything from monitor mixes to EQ settings. We first saw this with the introduction of the Presonus StudioLive and the StudioLive RemoteĀ application.

Since we first saw this at Winter NAMM 2011, more mixing consoles have been showing up which allow for intuitiveĀ and wireless control …