November 6, 2012

DMX Lighting Tutorial Part 3: Dip Switches

Learn all about dip switches on DMX lights in part 3 of this DMX lighting tutorial. If you don’t know a whole lot about DMX lighting, start at the beginning of this DMX series with part 1. It will teach you everything you need to know for this video which covers dip switches in detail. You’ll get a crash course in binary, we’ll do some math, and I’ll show you an easy shortcut for setting the dip switches on your DMX lights. We’ve got all of the current parts of our DMX lighting tutorial posted below. Also check out Chauvet’s website for a nifty Dip Switch Calculator.


DMX Lighting Tutorial Videos

Part 1. What is DMX?
Part 2. What is DMX Addressing?
Part 3. Dip Switches
Part 4. DMX Wiring
Part 5. Hardware and Software Setup


Hello my name is Chris. Welcome back! This is part