November 2, 2012

Enter to Win: Moshi Audio Keramo Earphones!

Why is it, that headphones seem to get all the attention?  Is there something about a cool pair of headphones that makes the DJ seem more legitimate than the guy with a humble set of ear buds?  If you look at the type of technology that goes into creating a top end pair of ear buds, it’s understandable why the costs are just as high.  Whenever you miniaturize technology, the costs naturally go up – but wouldn’t a less intrusive solution to deck monitoring be preferred over a set of bulky cans?

I guess headphones will always be preferred over earphones.  Maybe you can’t justify paying the same amount of cash for something that’s only a fraction of the size, while still being prone to getting lost or getting tangle up into knots.  Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones represent the happy-medium area of cost, while delivering as much sound as …