DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
May 8, 2012

Hercules HDP Headphones Review

Hercules has long been a player in the DJ world, being one of the first companies to introduce a controller to the mobile DJ market.  Drawing on its 20 years of audio expertise, the Hercules team is bringing a fresh new personality to the world of DJ headphones by combining professional sound quality and ergonomic design with the comfort demanded by exacting users. Whether DJing at home, in the studio or performing live sets.  There are many DJ headphones to choose from in the market today, and Hercules delivers three new ones, at varying ranges of affordability, that meet various needs of DJing or production whatever your budget or skill level.

HDP DJ M40.1

The entry level selection is the DJ M40.1.  They have a very familiar DJ aesthetic and closely resemble the immensely popular Sony MDRV-700′s, which are still around today.  They come in matte black, constructed mostly of …