November 25, 2013

Controllers at the supermarket: Is it really that bad?

There is a long list of things that make the DJ look bad and somehow retract the sport a bit each time.  The first one is the most obvious; the “image” of what the DJ has turned into.  Second is the way that gear is sometimes produced.  We’ve seen useless gear be passed off as professional quality all of the time.  Some companies this if they have the right spokesmen, then their product will sell – but they are wrong.  Some DJ items are so cheap to produce, that they get watered down into a version that can be bought and sold at supermarkets, like a cap gun.

The majority of them are not standalone units, they are simply midi instruments that can be plugged into a computer.  No one can be sure what they do from the outside of the box, so it is cheap enough to take home …