August 19, 2013

Learning DJing & Production Together: 3 Myths Exploded

Some DJs and producers have the mindset of quitting before they even start.  That is not to say that ALL DJs don’t have their doubts when they are creating music – but for some of them the fear is so great that they mentally quit before they even start.  There are also other factors that have to be addressed, so we can clearly see why the art of DJing can be so discouraging.  One of them is gear.  People tend to assume that more gear means you have more options and control.  This may be true for advanced DJs who need special items in their setup; but many pros will tell you that gear has never held them back.

Time is perhaps the biggest worry of any DJ who is not a high school kid or a teenager – since we have our dayjobs and the rest of our lives …