May 23, 2014

Simon Cowell’s Ultimate DJ TV Talent Show Is Going Ahead

As much as I dislike watching singer and musician contests on paid television, I have to say that it is very popular and I’m sure it makes these stations a lot of money.  When it all boils down to it, they are vying for the advertisers who want to pay the most for airtime.  That’s it.  The actual television company could care less when they are putting on their channel as long as it makes them money.  What started as American Idol has snowballed into a mass of television shows where amateur acts compete for your attention.  Some are truly gifted while other are a waste of eyesight.

Can this same type of layout be applied to DJs?  It’s not like this is the first time it has been tried on television.  The problem with having a DJ contest for national audiences is that it stoops to the lowest common …