June 12, 2013

The Pick, A Tiny Toy Digital Camera by Fuuvi

I think that many DJs and performers, who have a good routine, want to record their routine so that they can show other folks their skills.  Some of these musicians happen to be handy with recording equipment and video software, so they have no issues making it all happen.  However, I would say that many DJs, who focus on DJing, are really DJs at heart and not videographers – so they don’t have the best equipment or techniques for making a good DJ video.  I’m sure you’ve seen then on Youtube – that precise turntable routine that happened to be shot on a crappy video camera with bad lighting and horrible sound.  The route should speak for itself, but people don’t want to sit through a horribly made video.

Setting up cameras and editing video also takes a lot of time to get right, and a DJ sometimes just wants …