April 6, 2014

DJ Woody’s scratching from a vinyl POV

Mobile camera technology is something that DJs are also interested in.  They might produce music behind the scenes, but they often look for a way to show the audience how something was created.  This is true for many of the creative hobbies out there, since the process of creating is more interesting that the finished result.  I think that when DJs set out to start making movies or performance videos, there is a lot of thought that goes into the logistical side of how it will be done.  There are webcams, GopPo cameras, and even your traditional video camera mounted to a tripod.  All of these solutions are used by many performers.

Another solution would be to go with some sort of POV camera or a wrist mounted camera.  I’ve seen everything from an index finger camera to a wrist band.  While it does let you get closer to the …