January 24, 2012

Numark iDJ Pro – Announced at NAMM 2012

Some products at NAMM are inevitable. Sometimes it’s the bad kind of inevitable; like that odd sad corner booth with the best sounding, hopelessly ugly guitars you’ve ever awkwardly excused yourself from. Or it can be the weird kind of inevitability; like when you talk about Lisa Loeb the night before and then run past her the next day on your way to lunch. (True story.) Finally, there are the good inevitabilities; those moments where products released start to show the way forward. It’s almost like there is a form of “spoiler alert” technology.

You read the headline. You’re probably hardcore and are wondering if I am seriously going to get all misty eyed over some ipad DJ controller and talk about the bloody future. Well, Yes. Yes I am. It isn’t because I necessarily think the iPad DJ will change the game. I do, however, quite like seeing the …