May 15, 2013

Open source DJ software Mixxx reaches 1.11.0

The secrets behind Serato and Traktor were not bound to be trade secrets for very long.  You can take your Audio 8 or SSL box and tear it apart right now, and see the inner workings of one – it’s not that difficult.  What is difficult is understand what actually does what, and what communicates to which piece in your system.  The other half of the process is actually reverse engineering the card’s software.  You can ask yourself, how does Traktor or Serato work?  The principle is basic: you have a control vinyl that plays a constant speed and a computer program that can read that signal when it is manipulated.  All that is left it to attach it to whatever song is playing.

Programmers and independent hackers have been working on ways to make it accessible to all DJs without the high cost of going digital.  Serato is a …