June 11, 2014

Choosing A Microphone For DJing

A microphone is pretty essential when dealing with people in large crowds.  I would guess that before amplified sound was available a speaker had to do strange things like stand on a box so that they could be heard through a crowd.  Today, we have no problem projecting music around the room or across a hall.  The problem we suffer from is too much amplification and too much noise.  Feedback from audio is a modern problem that most of us have experience but few of us understand.  For a DJ, this might be irrelevant – but every DJ has a mic input on their mixer for such an occasion.

Do DJs even need to have a mic in their setup?  The resounding answer is “no” – but I do feel that a mic should be part of your kit in case someone else needs to use it.  Luckily, this doesn’t …