April 6, 2013

Why Won’t Traktor Record My Controller’s Mic Input?

The microphone jack on your external soundcard or internal soundcard (located inside of your mixer) might be sad and lonely if left unused.  When the first version of the Serato boxes came out, many people wondered why they even bothered to put the jack in there at all.  After all, a DJ uses his hands to speak, not his mouth.  What many do not know is that Serato had thought ahead and figured that maybe a DJ would actually try to record live vocals to mix and cut with.  Few DJs have actually explored this idea – maybe Enferno is one of the few who’s shouted out to the audience while recording what was going on.

If you have an aftermarket controller like a Mixtrack Pro, you must realize that the mic function will work – but it won’t work in the same manner as your Serato or Traktor …