March 21, 2012

Mobile Studio Sessions – SXSW – Kelly McGrath

South by SouthWest is, quite frankly, always a bit of a brain fry. I don’t mind, simply because I have never been there not working. I can’t imagine just attending as the amount of decisions to be made when no one is paying you to be anywhere are just too much. Lucky us, we were working. We were on the job for one of our sponsors, Sennheiser, who were sending us artists from the Paste Magazine showcase at SXSW. Our team split up; with Ariff and Zack off to cover the remainder of the Ambassadors’ performances and Taylor and myself (Lonely Paul) tasked with running the sessions on the bus.

We discovered our rhythm in these sessions as well. My position, while continuously addressed as engineer in the planning phase, really amounts to producer. Taylor, on hand to film the sessions, had spent the previous year working with everyone who …