June 17, 2013

Guitarduino Arduino + Max/MSP Guitar

Guitarists are a rather creative bunch, and I would dare say that some of them are more innovative than DJs.  An electric guitar is really limited in terms of the sound it can produce, but guitarist have been tweaking them and hacking them to do things that are almost uncanny.  Rage Against the Machine’s guitarist was one of the first to literally scratch using guitar strings, the misuse of guitars has become its own subset of musicianship.  These days, there is an attempt to use digital implements along with their electric guitar.  This is in contrast to the analog methods that guitarists have been using to record and loop their sound.

Instead of trying to loop audio, they have found ways to digitize their music in the form of MIDI, which offers them flexibility in recording as well as a way to add FX and others digital settings.  The real …