December 26, 2012

Euclidean Sequencer For Modular Synthesizers

Music and technology go together hand in hand; this we know.  But the concept of a scientist or mathematician breaking ground in the music world is something we tend to ignore.  Without clever math and abstract ways to relate ideas to each other, the concept of the synthesizer would have never taken off.  For every software synthesizer that exists, there is a blueprint to create a hardware version from which it derives.  Besides create tones and notes from machines, the part of the equation that is equally impressive is the ability to sequence instruments together and have them output notes in organized phrases.  Sequencing, I dare say, is just as important as the ability to create notes and sounds.

Euclidean Rhythms are a concept discussed and developed by scientist Godfried Toussaint.  It basically states that all forms of rhythms and families of rhythms can be captured using mathematical formulas …