June 27, 2013

How to Become a SoundCloud Superstar, One Fake Fan at a Time

There is some truth to the idea that the internet is filled with fakes and scumbags.  We have all met a few in our live on the internet, and getting mad over it is sort of silly.  The internet provides a great place for a stranger to pretend to be someone else, and when there is this level of anonymity – all hell can break loose.  People without an identity are free to slander, deride, and ridicule as they please.  But there is an even more deceptive layer to all of this.  People can actually stand to profit from the fakeness that is out there.

One person can essentially take on multiple personas, as because of this they hold the power of more than one person.  A tangible person can only go to the voting booths one times.  They have one ID card, and one social security number.  On the …