November 22, 2011

Sound Design 101: Synthesizer Basics – Part 1

Having once been the exclusive province of those with the money to afford the latest greatest technological tools of the day, synthesizers are arguably experiencing a golden age of ubiquity. Most DAWs, if not based completely around their included virtual instruments, at the very least include some kind of sampler or subtractive synthesizer plugin. Similarly, thanks to the cost effective evolution of modeling technology, hardware is also plentiful these days. Somehow, despite all this, a lot of electronic musicians seem to be perpetually integrating some new grail plug in into their studio or shopping for the next one when they should be recording. What’s going on here?

Something about the immediacy of the modern DAW has really lent itself to the preset users of the world. It is, in fact, quite easy to confidently saunter through a three chord house music trick with a wobble bass preset and some blistering …