November 30, 2012

Is Music Worse Than It Used To Be?

“Is music worse than it used to be?”

This is an argument that comes and goes every decade or so, with the rise of new genres of music and trends that saturate the market.  There is a small bit of truth to the statement; however, saying that music is worse than it was before is overstating the reality.  I would say that creativity hasn’t been lost in the music producer; rather, the need for creativity has been lost on audiences.  DJs who play in clubs every weekend know the feeling.  There is very little they can do to alter their playlists without upsetting the crowd (and subsequently the club owners).  A smart DJ will innocuously inject some new tunes or some new style into his usual set while still retaining the core party rock songs that are expected of him or her.

Prominent DJs that have been interviewed have given …