January 3, 2013

A 21st Century MIDI Control Super Instrument

The smart hockey player does not play the puck where it is, he plays the puck where it will be.  This simple analogy remains true for technology in general, but it is especially true for app developers who somewhat narrate the story of technology.  Technology is driven by a need more than anything else, as is the mother of invention.  On the other side of the token there is a huge creative aspect that comes into play when developing new apps or new technology to create music.  On the creative side, there isn’t necessarily a need for it as much as there is a “want” for it.  It is the creative developers who pursue new ideas and take risks that aren’t guaranteed to pay off.

Generative music programs are quickly becoming a new trend in app development.  As of today, we use DAWs as a tool, much like we use …