September 28, 2012

Pro Audio Podcast Series 5 Staples

We have updated our Podcast format to include more in depth discussions on current trends in the music industry.  Tune in this week as Paul, Taylor, and Jeremy discuss everything from last weekend’s Green Day meltdown to what John Lennon or Syd Barrett might have done in a spotify world.

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September 21, 2012

Best Coast to Tour With Green Day

The teenaged punk rock band that we grew up with, and who’s CDs we hid from our mothers and fathers, has grown up to become very successful – and has even matured in their thoughts and actions.  Billie Joe hasn’t lost his talent or his voice, but still must reconcile his views as an artist, while being a father at the same time.  He’s continuing his life as a musician, with fellow band members, and taking things on the road.

This time he’s teamed up with Best Coast, and has allowed them to open for Green Day when they hit the road in January. …