March 3, 2014

Watch What Guitar Wing Can Do

The types of innovations that allowed the turntable to grow from an antique instrument into something desired in the digital age can also be found in and on other analog instruments – mainly, the guitar.  In through, the guitar and turntable are very similar.  They both can produce analog noise that needs to be amplified using speakers and some sort of processor.  Both have their humble roots – yet they seem to have become transformed into something else today.  The fact that we can use a turntable with a computer at all is simply amazing, so shouldn’t the guitar have the same advantage?

What the Novation Dicer is to turntablists, the Livid Guitar Wing is to guitarists.  It is basically a controller that sits on the horn of your guitar with buttons in simple reach of the fingers.  This allows a solo guitarist to control a number of things, such …