October 19, 2012

In the Studio with Miles Walker

If you have followed the titans of Hip Hop and R&B for the past decade then you have probably heard the name Miles Walker. Miles has recently worked on Grammy award winning and nominated records from Beyonce to Katy Perry, but his past is littered with mega hit makers including Usher, Ginuwine, Young Jeezy, Omarion, and the list goes on. With a degree from Berklee College of Music, Miles considers music to be his ultimate passion. If he is not is actively mixing, engineering, or producing, he is speaking at events and panels where his expertise is highly regarded in the Hip Hop, R&B, and studio production community. Miles has recently been working on mixes for the production/songwriting team Stargate who are responsible for such monster tracks as Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” Katy Perry’s “Firework” and Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow.” With a few Grammies under his belt, Miles has also …