November 25, 2011

Holiday Buying Guide: Handheld Digital Recorders Bundles

Portable digital recorders are quickly becoming the go to method for many musicians who want to record their jam sessions, rehearsals, or live performances. They provide outstanding quality and little hassle when quickly capturing musical inspiration. In addition they have become immensely popular among independent filmmakers, journalists, or even students who want to record lectures. The possibilities are endless and for that reason there are many recorders on the market today with varying degrees of functionality and price. For the audiophile in your life who wants one of these bad boys this holiday season, we are here to make it easy to pick just the right portable recorder.


The Tascam DR-05 is great recorder for anyone who wants to get started recording audio on the go. It has XY condenser microphones, records to stereo MP3, and records up to 32 GB of audio. The 1/8” external microphone jack makes the DR-05 even …


August 19, 2011

Zoom H2N: The Future of Portable Recorders

Samson, the company that makes Zoom recorders, sent me a prototype of their new portable digital recorder the H2n. I originally wrote a blog detailing my initial impressions of the recorder before I was able to get my hands on it. Now that I have had the chance to play around with it, I must say that I am quite impressed with their new recorder.

Thoughts Post Demo

I wrote a blog on the H2n before I got my hands on it and I had some things that I thought were lacking. For instance I did not like how there was no XLR, 1/4 inch combination input like on the H4n. My doubts were quickly erased when I used the on board mics and played around with the menu functions. The mics are great and implementing an external input would have made the recorder larger and less portable.

In addition …


July 12, 2011

Zoom H2n Portable Digital Recorder Announced

Zoom, the industry leader in portable digital recorders, has just unveiled their latest foray into the portable recording market, the Zoom H2n Handy Recorder. It features their latest microphone technology with five mic capsules on-board. Five mic capsules?!? There are definitely some noticeable improvements to the microphone technology on this bad boy.


  • Five built-in mic capsules provide Mid-Side (MS) stereo, 90° X/Y stereo, 2-channel and 4-channel recording modes
  • Records in WAV up to 24-bit/96kHz and MP3 up to 320kbps
  • Newly designed user interface
  • Additional functions include Lo-cut Filter, Compressor/Limiter, Auto Gain, Pre-Rec, Auto-Rec, Tuner, Metronome, Variable Speed Playback, Key Control, A-B Repeat, File Dividing, Normalize, MP3 Post-Encode, Marker and Surround Mixer
  • Data recovery function protects against unexpected recording errors
  • Over 20 hours of operation using two standard AA batteries
  • Operates on battery, AC or USB bus power
  • 1.8-inch backlit LCD display with 128 x 64 resolution
  • Analog-type Mic