August 19, 2013

How a morning rave could replace a workout at gym

The club scene gets a lot of negative wrap for things like drug use, underage drinking, and of course for being hipsters who think they are the newest thing on the block.  When you think about what a rave really means – to some folk there is nothing good that can even come from it.  Surprisingly, the positives of a rave are never really mentioned at all.  For starters, a rave is not a place for couch potatoes, and there are no chairs out for you to rest on.  Most of the fans will spend their time with their fist in the air, jumping on their feet, spending energy almost as fast as they spend money on EDC tickets.

It’s actually a great workout, and rarely will you find out of shape people roaming the crowd looking for a lawn chair.  It is such a good workout, that people often …