May 17, 2013

Crossfade M-100 Headphones Review

The V-Moda Crossafade headphones have been reviewed by many sources, and I’m beginning to see why they have gotten pretty good reviews.  For one, the design is kind of cool.  Disregarding performance for now, they aren’t circular or elliptical shaped, they are sort of an oval hexagonal shape which is rare to see.  Even though they have somewhat of a bulky cup, the headband is attached to the cans themselves using a wired sort of system, which explains how such big headphones are able to be stored and carried when not in use.  This review comes from Audioholics so they tests are likely to be done with much more scrutiny than a DJ website or the like.

They have pointed out that these are actually noise cancelling headphones that work without needing any extra source of power, like many other models I have seen before.  Drivers are quite large on …