June 23, 2013

Re-amping and Your Home Studio

The average house or living space is not an ideal place to make a good recording.  You have all kinds of equipment that can cause interference, such as microwaves and telephones that tend to produce weird electrical noises in audio gear.  You also have various devices plugged into the same power strip as the audio gear.  This is no good.  To add to the difficult, you have furniture around the house that absorbs sound differently, and materials that often reflect sound in the wrong direction.  As you can see there are many obstacles, but for some, there is no other option than to record near the living spaces.

Creativity can often be used to get around some of these natural recording roadblocks.  Some producers have tried some very odd things, such as placing microphones around the house to give their recording a feeling of reverb or a large open space.  …


February 19, 2013

Focusrite Scarlett Studio Review

It’s very rare for digital recording bundles to come packaged with three pieces of gear that are of a good quality and reasonably priced. Typically the included microphone or headphones are sub par at best while the interface is around the quality you expect given it’s price. The Focusrite Scarlett Studio package looks to break that mold by offering three quality pieces of gear into a recording bundle that is priced well below the normal studio package. While the Scarlett Studio package may not be the be all end all solution to your recording needs, it does have everything you need to get a solid recording without breaking the bank.

Here are some details and specifications on each piece of equipment that comes in the Focusrite Scarlett Studio package.

Scarlett 2i2 Interface

In light of the recent Dave Grohl directed Sound City documentary, its worth mentioning that Focusrite was founded in 1985 …