March 20, 2012

Ambassadors Sessions – #Road2SXSW – Houston and Austin

As Lonely Paul has lauded, the Ambassadors are amazing in the studio, but what he didn’t dive fully into is how they sound live. We had the pleasure of covering their shows in Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston and Austin during SXSW, and they killed it, every time. Thanks primarily to Lights ever growing fan base, Ambassadors have been opening shows to hundreds of young, impressionable ears and leaving with dozens of new fans. Every day, their Facebook and Twitter pages get fans posting and tweeting about their performance, and the response is only positive. Since recording on the Mobile Studio commenced we were able to cover their remaining shows while also being able to sit back, and enjoy them as a fan.

To give an idea of what to expect, Sam is the front man who switches between a floor tom and bass while singing. Casey, his brother, plays on …