May 14, 2014

The solid wood EXPEDIT alternative for DJs

While companies like Road Ready, Odyssey, and Crane fight for their spot in the hardware market – there is one company who is really ahead of them all in terms of furniture.  Most DJ hardware (which means stands and accessories) is built for travel – and with little regard to how it looks when sitting inside your house.  Ikea is the opposite of that.  They don’t care about their products moving, they care about them sitting in the corner of your room.  Milk crates are nice for transporting vinyl records, but they aren’t very pretty when compared to your bookshelf or nightstand.  The Ikea Expedit is probably the most used piece of furniture in the DJ world.

It is cheap, easy to setup, and it can be customized to fit any sort of look.  The only trouble now is that Ikea has stopped making them, and DJs who are just …