June 1, 2011

There’s an App For That: The Alesis IO Dock.

When we arrived at Winter NAMM 2011 there were a plethora of products that utilized the iPad. Everything from keyboards to DJ controllers were tailor made to work with the ever popular technology of tablet computers. For me, the most innovative and exciting piece of gear was the Alesis IO Dock.

The Alesis IO Dock is an audio interface that connects directly to your iPad. The ability to connect instruments to your iPad is not new, but this is the first piece of gear that allows you to connect a direct line input from multiple types of instruments and midi controllers. Because you have the ability to plug all of your existing instruments, microphones, and controllers directly to the Alesis IO dock, it makes this audio interface truly revolutionary and innovative. It works with all of the apps in the App Store so the possibilities are endless. The most useful …