September 30, 2013

App Store Now Lets You Download ‘Last Compatible Version’

Operating system changes are both welcomed and unwelcomed.  On the positive side, they offer something beneficial that most users would like to have.  They offer updates which can run a system much faster without problems.  The negative side is that users actually have to update their phones and computers themselves.  This is an extra step that most of us are too lazy to want to deal with.  Once we begin updating things, we have to relearn how to do basic tasks.  Sometimes our old software and programs don’t place nice with these updates either.  Sometimes it can cause headaches that could have been avoided, had you have done nothing at all.

Apple is taking steps to make sure that their software updates don’t become something to dread in the future.  When Apple makes an update to iOS, software app developers also have to make sure that their apps won’t kick …