January 30, 2013

Behringer iX16 iPad mixer dock

For all of the possibilities the iPad opens up for you, it isn’t the most proactive device when it comes to tying components together.  Either Apple has failed to see the underlying need to have peripherals connected to their device, or they do, and they want to look at other ways of approaching the problem.  Only have a 30 pin connector (or lightening connector) and a standard audio jack outlet, has been a severely limiting problem with the iPad.  But then again, it was never meant to be used as an active device with inputs, rather, it was meant to be a passive device to looking and listening.

Accessory makers like IK Multimedia have honed in on these issues, creating an accessory for just about any need you may encounter.  One such product is the audio dock, which turns the iPad into a physical mixing board, not just a virtual …