July 2, 2013

Jack Johnson Announces Tour, Pledges 100% Of Profits To Charity

Most of the music artists out there aren’t living in mansions and driving expensive cars, some of them might even have a regular day job as well.  The thought of a music artist who has made it in their careers, who are eating nice every day is more like an image that we have been fed.  Many rappers like to show off expensive goods and houses in their videos, but perhaps they think that the image will help them sell records.  For all we know it could just be rented for a video shoot.  An artist has other avenues to make money off of, and besides selling their music – there is money to be made in product placement and touring.

If an artist can get sponsorship from a company, like Dr. Dre did with Monster, then they take a little bit of every product sold.  They have become business …